The Kluger Agency

The Music Industry’s Leading Brand Partnership Agency

The Kluger Agency (TKA) is an award winning advertising firm, founded in 2008, specializing in brand integration and strategic partnerships within the entertainment industry.

Nontra Management

Talent Management – Music and Entertainment

Nontra Management is a boutique full service management company guiding the careers of many of the most promising young names in music including Lil Yachty and Bhad Bhabie.

Nontra Records

Independent Record Label – Music

Nontra Records is an indie record label focused on building the careers of some of tomorrow’s most promising music stars.

Scoop Entertainment Partners

Content Creation and Talent Management

Scoop Entertainment Partners (SEP) is a newly formed and highly successful production and management firm that creates innovative and original content within the online space.

Scoop Investors

Celebrity Backed Private Investment Fund

Specializing in pairing celebrities to investments through a new company, Scoop Investments which is a private equity fund led by Adam Kluger and Miles “Lil Yachty” Mccollum.


In the news


Adam Kluger started out in 2008 partnering brands with talent via music videos, starting with Lady Gaga’s “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” video by placing products in the production to assist her in covering the costs of high budget videos to jump start her career. He now runs an indie record label, Nontra Records, Nontra Management, Scoop Investments, Production company Scoop Entertainment, and the music industry’s leading brand partnership agency for the past decade (TKA). Within the music space Kluger Co has worked on behalf of, or represented over 50 notable artists including 23 grammy winners, and has developed many of today’s brightest young stars. Outside of Music, He has developed a variety of successful partnerships procuring endorsements for Megan Fox, Halle Berry, Sarah Hyland, and Bella Thorne amongst others. Kluger was listed as one of Forbes 30 most influential people under 30 in 2011, as well as highlighted throughout his career as an industry leader in outlets such as Bloomberg Businessweek, Rolling Stone, and Billboard. Through his investment firm and production house “Scoop”, Kluger Co is poised to continue to maintain its unmatchable presence within the talent and brand space for years to come.